Theme Pavilion

Location:NCKU Former Library 2F


( ) of Happiness—you get to decide what happiness is; 25 professionals from different disciplines, including artists, choreography directors, architects, designers …have all come to share their (objects) and (stories) of happiness. Also, from the perspectives of enterprises and designers, we invite you to explore what kind of happy life design can create for us, and how Taiwan’s prided textile technology, cloud computing, circular economy, and green technology will bring more visions of happiness to our life and environment! Let’s discover more possibilities of happiness.

  • Curator:Afterain Design Studio

Southern Breeze Pavilion

Location:NCKU Former Library 3F


Tainan has always been a prestigious ancient city in Taiwan with its unique urban landscape, cultural commodities and architectural space. It attracts many cross-field professionals to stay and utilize abundant domestic resources to develop their individual brand images and business models. In Taiwan Design Expo ’17, the theme of Southern Breeze Pavilion is “Transit”, which guides people into seven different spaces in Tainan with the warm southern breeze. Let’s discover the real happiness in Tainan.

  • A City Wandering and its Savory Landscape by NDD Design Co., Ltd
  • Date:2017/09/08-2018/02/28 10A.M.-5P.M.
  • Location:The Place Tainan 7F
  • Curator:NDD Design Co., Ltd


Craft Tainan Pavilion

Location:Wu’s Garden Culture Center


Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute will curate Craft Tainan Pavilion with the theme "Secret Links" at Wu Yuan Arts and Culture Center. Many workshops were organized to explore new ideas with people who have passion in developing craft into contemporary lifestyle in Tainan. The Craft Tainan Pavilion will have four subthemes: “Craft heirloom- international creative workshop: from old clothes to new life”, “Design Local Craft into Fashion”, “Experience Cultural Lifestyle: Craft X Tea Ceremonies”, “Fresh Craft in Tainan”. The four subthemes explore links between people and craft in this historical city, and also aim to kick off the development of new craft in the old city after the links are found and to pursuit the lifestyle of happiness.

  • Curator:National Taiwan Craft Research And Development Institute
  • Co-curator:Tactile Experience School Design Studio、Ocular Studio、bod design Co., Ltd


Emerging Designers Pavilion

Location:Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park


Emerging Designers’ Exhibit in the Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park, inviting 37 emerging designers/ brands to showcase their work. The meaning of curatorial theme is “To Surpass its Predecessor”, inspired by the Chinese idiom: “Green comes from blue, but excels it.”

The exhibition emphasizes the presentation of designers’ thought process and design principles, not only in the aspect of form and utilities but also in the development of many incredible materials. Thus, “To Surpass its Predecessor” represents the endless energy coming from the new generation becoming the driving force that propels the industry forward.

  • Curator:Urban Art Studio
  • Co-curator:Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park


International Pavilion



The International Pavilion, on the one hand, employs the historical international trading system as a background to invite Dutch designers to trace back to the Age of Discovery to investigate the Dutch activities in Taiwan and India, to explore the religious beliefs and rituals in Taiwan, and furthermore, to co-create works with local artists and craftsmen in Tainan. On the other hand, the focus of the International Pavilion is predominantly on trends of circular economy, showcasing pioneering works in Taiwan along with creative works from the designers in the Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, and Japan.

The show is divided into five sections - Material Innovation, Product Design Innovation, Manufacturing Process and System Innovation, Waste Recycling, and R&D and Branding. In addition to the static show of the design objects, the exhibition intends to illustrate the dynamic conditions of the industrial system as well as the design and manufacturing process.

  • Curator:C-Hub@NCKU
  • Cooperation Partner:Chung Hwa Pulp Corporation, E Ink Holdings Inc., WenLong Art Foundation, Catcher Technology Co., Ltd., YFY Packaging Inc., Everest Textile Co., Ltd., HerMin Textile Co., Ltd.


Folk Arts Parade Gallery

Location:Creative Tainan


Folk religion and traditions are the greatest assets of Tainan, the “Capital of Folk Arts Parade.” To preserve this nearly lost form of street performance, the special exhibition is curated to show the younger audiences the fusion and innovation of the “encounter of traditions and art design,” through unique narratives and perspectives, and creative tone of magical installations, propelling traditional culture to a new aesthetic height, and inspiring unlimited possibilities for the cultural transformation of folk arts parade.

  • Curator:bod design Co., Ltd


LIVING Pavilion

Location:321 Arts Village


Is the line between design and art clear? LIVING Pavilion is located in 321 Arts Village, and features artists-in-residence at the 321 Arts Village. The Exhibition is inspired by the transition from design to arts; focusing on “life” and using the word “transition” as the main concept, the exhibition takes all visitors onto a quest for the limits and limitlessness of art and design in various disciplines, and see how the two collide and spark new life aesthetics of happiness!

  • Curator:Blue Dragon Art Company、Tainaner Ensemble、3.5sqft studio、PRINT-GARDEN、Mild Art Company


Experience Pavilion

Location:Tainan Cultural and Creative Park


Do not know where to go on holidays? You and your family must come to Experience Pavilion to see and experience what design aesthetics is. The pavilion features five main themes for a tourism factory: travel for life, travel for aesthetics, travel for experience, travel to markets, and travel with one thousand people; through diverse exhibitions and activities, visitors get to have fun and learn at the same time! The Popular Fashion Exposition themed “dear” invites 15 local fashion brands of Tainan to showcase their unique tastes and develop local fashion styles.

  • Executive Organizer:Industrial Technology Research Institute、EELIN ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD
  • Curator:Industrial Technology Research Institute、Concentric design