About Taiwan Design Expo

Design for Happiness around the Corner |

Taiwan Design Expo has left behind a trail of happiness over the past 15 years in Taipei, Yilan, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Taichung, and Taitung. This year, Taiwan Design Expo returns to Tainan with the theme “Design for Happiness”—using NCKU Fomer Library as the main exhibition area, the expo will collaborate with six satellite areas, including Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park, Wu's Garden Culture Center, Creative Tainan, Tainan Cultural and Creative Park, 321 Art Village, and C-Hub@NCKU; through eight pavilions, design for happiness will flourish at all corners in the city with rich cultural fabric.

Those who have visited Tainan understand that the alleys of Tainan are the most exciting and intriguing. The main visual of this year's Taiwan Design Expo is the Chinese character that means happiness formed by white alleys on terrazzo floor, symbolizing the happy life brought by design. Just like this year's exhibition, where the city is the exhibition hall, diverse designs will appear at various corners in the city, weaving through old and new fabrics of the historical town, and fusing design into the urban pulses of Tainan.